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Let us throw out a scenario. As a leader of your Talent Acquisition team, your goal is to provide tools that support your recruiters and sourcers in their effort to find the right people for the right role. However, instead of a good working flow, you inherit a set-up where requisitions are not posted consistently, recruiters are applying for candidates, you have no visibility as to what your paid and unpaid sources are doing for you, and you have no insight as to which sources are working best for your recruiting team. Imagine the potential growth in productivity if you had tools that allowed you to gather granular insights and data needed to make better TA investment decisions for your company’s future. 

Join Service King’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Thad Satterfield, and Recruit Rooster’s Director of Sales Engineering, Seth Flater, as they walk you through the journey they have been on for the last year to better track candidate flow through the entire application process, as well as how they’ve kept tabs on the ROI across all platforms. Join this discussion to learn how to: 

  • Build out a recruitment marketing platform that will work for your recruiters and sourcers
  • Increase your applicant flow and decrease your cost to hire
  • Automate routine tasks giving your team valuable time back in their day