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As a necessity born out of the pandemic, more employees are working remotely and more candidates are seeking remote-first positions. With these changing preferences and priorities, employer branding and methods of creating employer brand content are evolving to fit the new need in the 'new normal.' 

Gone are the days when you could lure new candidates with free coffee and snacks. That said, your employer brand is more than just a few token perks, and shouldn't be easily duplicated with those types of incentives. You should be showing off the part of your company culture that makes it hard for candidates to turn down. 

Your employer brand is the story you tell to create a meaningful connection between people and your business. And with the move to predominantly remote workspaces and cultures, those connections look unlike anything we’ve seen so far. You need a new game plan.

When building your employer brand virtually you'll need to consider the candidate's perspective, your employee's experience, and how they intersect.

  • The candidate perspective involves the optics your brand gives off to someone who is not a company insider. How do you demonstrate culture in your imagery and messaging to attract talent? What about your interview process keeps them engaged? In every interaction throughout the hiring process, you must tell one consistent story and we'll show you how.

  • The employee experience is likewise another very important part of your employer brand. How do you strengthen the bonds of collaboration and communication while your team is quite literally growing - apart? What role do rewards and recognition play to inspire your team and develop inclusivity? How do you appeal to tenured and new employees? You'll learn all that and more when you join us. 

Welcome to the new frontier of employer branding for the remote workplace. We love it here!