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Our industry generally regards identity verification — if it regards it at all — as a method to deter fraud. While this is more important than most of us think, identity verification, when done right, can expand the top of your hiring funnel, reduce time-to-hire, and set the foundation for your organization to become a trusted community. Your screening program, with integrated ID verification, can add value and measurable ROI. 

As HR teams work tirelessly to recruit the best fits, you can turn an onboarding chore into a point of value creation for candidates, hiring managers, recruiters, and your entire employee base.

Join us to learn more about a modern approach to identity verification and the benefits your organization can reap from having this be a part of your hiring stack:

  • Expand candidate acquisition
  • Reduce applicant fraud
  • Cut onboarding friction
  • Improve time-to-hire
  • Create a community based on trust

Everyone benefits…if done right.