Jessica Korte

Employer Brand Lead
Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Jessica Korte stumbled into Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing in 2007, and nearly 15 years later, she is grateful to be marketing the best “product” out there, life changing careers! The majority of her experience was with T-Mobile, which offered her the great privilege of leading a team of experts and creatives. Now she is in an IC role with Raytheon Intelligence & Space, tackling new challenges as she adapts to a role without a sizable team and budget. She enjoys spending time being active in the mountains she calls home with her family.


Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Jessica Korte’s Session(s)

12:25 p.m.–1:00 p.m. PST —

No Budget? No Worries! How to Do More with Less by Arming Your Brand Ambassadors for Success

While you need resources to create a strong employer brand, there are many things you can do without a big budget. You just need to be resourceful!  Join Jessica as she shares how to maximize your efforts to help increase brand awareness, without a big team or budget.  She'll share how she partners with the TA team as brand ambassadors to "be the brand," using social activation and content recommendations.  In this session, she will discuss: 

  • The power of your team. How to leverage TA in building your employer brand, and HM engagement tips
  • Being resourceful pays off. Insights on being nimble and making an impact without a big budget or team
  • Turning obstacles into opportunities. Learn how to be successful in social activation when you don't own your org’s channels or ambassador program 


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