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 An effective employer value proposition must reduce the overall application volume coming in while increasing the number of valued applicants. Because no one wants more applicants - they want more of the right applicants based on competency, potential, culture alignment and diversity.

Bryan will show you how the Give & Get methodology is the secret to how Fortune 500 employers have achieved 40% higher caliber applicants in less than six months. The “Give & Get” Framework for Employer Branding is a refreshing new approach that harnesses the value to be found in the cultural realities and expectations of your company.

Whether your company doesn’t have an EVP defined (p.s.: what are you waiting for?) or it does but it’s stale and doesn’t reflect your organization today, as a TA, HR, RM and EB practitioner you’ll benefit from this interactive workshop. Attending this pre-conference workshop training will help you become the employer branding master you always knew you should be — crafting a stand-out value prop that draws in the right talent to help your company grow. You'll learn how to create a smart filter, elevate your organization’s strengths by pairing them with what it truly takes to thrive, and answer the burning questions on candidates’ minds like never before.