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The Recruitment Marketing industry is full of trendy, flashy, attention-grabbing technologies promoted to HR practitioners in marketing campaigns, websites, case studies, and sales demos, but do the technologies live up to their name after the sale? Seth Flater, a 12-year industry veteran, will sift through the fluff and prove what works by not only pulling from his experiences working with 500+ fortune 5000 companies but also statistics to validate or debunk various recruitment technologies. 

Join Seth as he surfaces the necessary basics and bolts on the must-have technologies to form the best-performing solutions to date. He will take a look at the industry's origins and initial trends and share an insider's view of which trends succeeded and failed, as well as which remain highly relevant and should be included in your tech stack while also exploring up-and-coming concepts he anticipates will break through in recruitment marketing industry. The explored buzzwords will include SEO, Google Talent, social, mobile, big data, microsites, artificial intelligence, and CRM campaigns.