Justin Ghio

Director, Talent Sourcing
Activision Blizzard

Justin is the Director of Talent Sourcing at Activision Blizzard, managing a globally distributed team of 25. He is a subject matter expert on HR technologies including Eightfold which is implemented for 100+ recruiters and sourcers across the globe. Prior to Activision Blizzard, Justin was a member of the technical recruiting team at Amazon Web Services.


Activision Blizzard

Justin Ghio’s Session(s)

10:40 a.m.–11:25 a.m. Pacific —

3 Ways AI Can Give You a Next-Level Recruiter Experience

AI empowers machines and humans each to do what they do best. Together, they can perform a task faster and better than either could do on their own. There are many claims about AI driving talent intelligence in HR platforms, but only deep-learning AI can deliver  what modern talent acquisition teams need. Learn more about what goes into making deep-learning AI and how it can help recruiters identify stronger candidates with in-demand skills while also  highlighting what you need for the future.


Join us to learn more about:

  • Insights on AI and its application in recruiting now and in the future

  • The key benefits of AI in elevating the recruiter experience

  • Practical examples of how these technologies are being used by recruiters today

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