Erica Weber Whitmore

Director, Talent Acquisition

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Erica Weber Whitmore’s Session(s)

10:15 a.m.–11:15 a.m. —

Keynote Panel: Big Brain Energy: Neurodiversity in Talent Attraction

When it comes to neurodiversity, it can be confusing. “Neurodiversity” focuses on the group, while neurodivergence is individual. 
With 15 - 20% of the global population is considered to be neurodivergent, it’s time clear up the confusion and put that big brain energy to work in your talent strategy. GBS CEO, Crystal Miller Lay, will unveil the results of a multi-national, year long study conducted in partnership with the University of Wales and Ducere, revealing the current gap in neuroinclusive talent attraction and how we can close it to create more inclusive employer brands. Joining Crystal are panel participant Rahul Yodh, Vice President of TA for New Western, to share how they are addressing this issue in their own talent strategies. In this keynote session, you will learn:
- What neurodivergence covers and the existing gap
- The benefits of neurodiversity for your organization
- How to connect your EVP to the neurodivergent
- Neuroinclusive “must-dos” for your employer brand

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