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Did you know Meta is rolling out ad-free subscription accounts?

In this presentation, Craig Fisher explores the rapidly evolving landscape of social media recruiting, with a special focus on the latest changes to Twitter, TikTok, and Meta platforms, including Meta's recent move towards ad-free paid subscriptions in Europe, which may soon extend to the U.S. This shift represents a potential paradigm change in job advertising strategies on social platforms.

Key aspects of the presentation include:

⦿ Understanding Twitter's newest updates and how they can enhance recruitment outreach and candidate engagement.
⦿ Leveraging TikTok's unique content and algorithm updates for innovative employer branding and attracting diverse talent.
⦿ Examining the implications of Meta's paid subscription model for job advertising. We'll discuss how this could affect visibility and engagement with job postings on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and strategies to adapt to these changes.

The presentation will provide actionable insights on:

⦿ Crafting compelling social media content that stands out in both paid and organic reach scenarios.
⦿ Utilizing advanced SEO techniques to maximize job post visibility amidst changing social media algorithms and subscription models.
⦿ Analyzing and adapting recruitment strategies in response to these social media developments.

Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest social media tools and trends, equipped with strategies to navigate the changing digital landscape in recruitment. This session is designed for HR professionals, recruiters, and business leaders seeking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of social media-driven talent acquisition.