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Identifying, attracting, and connecting with high-quality, right-fit talent is an evergreen challenge within the talent acquisition community. The teams that get it right and generate positive, scalable results are those that lean into the power of talent data, authentic messaging, and purpose-built technology. After all, sourcing the right talent is as much a science as it is a relationship – and the data you leverage will either build stronger connections or dampen your results.

During this session, we will delve into the power of talent data to transform your sourcing strategy, including:

  • The role data plays in talent acquisition and the power of integrating diverse data sources for a holistic perspective.

  • Key priorities, challenges, and solutions needed to excel in the new year, as uncovered in our latest industry survey.

  • Innovative solutions to streamline processes, increase data visibility and accessibility, and improve sourcing effectiveness.

  • Key strategies leveraged by the Fortune 500 to identify, attract, and connect with right-fit talent.