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One in five workers identifies as neurodivergent, emphasizing the pressing imperative for employers to adopt neuro-inclusive practices. Yet, unemployment rates within the neurodivergent community remain disproportionately high. Notably, the University of Connecticut's Center for Neurodiversity and Employment Innovation indicates that unemployment for neurodivergent individuals is eight times higher than those without disabilities, and for individuals with Autism, it exceeds 70%.

This disparity not only represents untapped potential but also highlights the significant opportunities employers might be missing. Recognizing and leveraging the unique abilities of neurodivergent workers can lead to outstanding organizational outcomes. However, genuine commitment and actionable strategies are paramount. In this session, participants will gain insights into Crystal's 2023 research, as well as learn:

1. The mutual benefits for employers and employees in fostering a neurodivergent workforce;
2. Efforts to normalize and de-stigmatize neurodivergence, thus facilitating neuro-inclusion;
3. Tactics for recruiting, retaining, and promoting the advancement of neurodivergent professionals;
4. Effective workplace accommodations tailored for neurodivergent employees;
5. Successful examples of neuro-inclusive recruitment marketing messaging and initiatives.