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Welcome to the second half of 2022 everyone.  If there is one thing that is clear at this point, it's that just about everything we used to know to be true about talent acquisition is open for reevaluation.  The impacts of the collective challenges we have faced during the past few years have taken the world of work and thrown it up in the air like a deck of cards in 52 pick up.  As we each look to establish some form of “normal” in our strategies and activities we are finding that just picking up the cards and stacking them back into a nice neat stacked card deck is not going to cut it.  Too much has changed, and we need to understand what we need to do to change with it in order to be successful in helping connect the right talent to the right jobs at the right time.

The truth is one of the most dramatic evolutions is in sourcing norms and strategies.  In this session, we will explore a few of the new realities sourcers face and discuss the new rules of sourcing in 2022.

  • What Makes Up a Relevant Candidate Profile Is No Longer Just Fit to Job Requirements

  • Where We Look For Talent Has To Now Include Internal, Alumni and Non Traditional Talent Pools

  • How We Approach and Engage Talent Needs to Reflect a New Reality That Prospects Are Not Playing Our Games Anymore

  • The Changing Landscape of Regulations and Candidate Data Management Is Evolving Faster Than Most Can Adjust To