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The rapid growth of remote work has led to a business world without boundaries. However, while hiring global team members is now easier than ever, you still need to develop an international recruiting strategy to successfully overcome your competition and find the right talent — especially within the tech industry.   

A Korn Ferry study found that the global tech skills shortage will reach 4.3 million workers by 2030 and could result in USD 160 billion in unrealized annual revenue in the U.S. alone. So how can companies avoid local tech talent shortages and remain competitive in today's dynamic global market?  

In this session, Globalization Partners’ Mark Hedley, VP of Talent Recruiting, will explain how tapping into emerging tech talent hubs can help you overcome local skills shortages.  

Hedley will also reveal:  

  • An overview of top global tech hubs
  • Strategies to secure skilled tech talent before your competition 
  • The benefits of a global growth strategy