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Frenetic hiring and employees quitting have plagued employers for the past year and we’re all still just trying to figure out what to do next in 2022 and beyond. Recruiting, hiring and retention strategies are all over the place. Recruiters are stressed out and candidate resentment continues to grow. 

Year after year, whatever the world looks like, Talent Board’s candidate experience research shows that sustaining a quality candidate experience is difficult for companies big or small across industries. However, the building blocks of a quality recruiting process and a quality candidate experience remain unchanged. Ensuring that consistent communication and feedback loops are delivered is critical in today’s competitive landscape. 

We control the candidate experience dials: the technologies we use, the processes we run, the communications we send to candidates and the timeliness of them, the recruiter requisition load, and the related hiring resources and support. We see how improving it positively impacts brand affinity, referrals and the business bottom line every year; candidate experience is your competitive advantage.                                                                      

During this informative session, Talent Board President Kevin Grossman will share insights from their candidate experience benchmark research including:

  • How employers can improve all communication and feedback loops throughout the recruiting and hiring process

  • How HR and recruiting technologies are empowering employers to provide a better candidate and employee experiences       

  • How candidates will take their brand alliance, product purchases, and relationships elsewhere when they have poor experiences – and how they’ll increase it when it’s great