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While the methodology for recruiting talent has changed drastically over the past 30 years, some of the most significant changes have come in the past decade. The move to a marketing-based approach for recruitment and the introduction of programmatic buying solutions have dramatically affected the way companies compete for talent.

More than a decade ago, Recruitics began beta testing the recruitment industry's first programmatic job advertising technology based on algorithmic rules -- where job-level analytics are tracked and measured for recruitment ROI -- and the industry has never looked back. Today, programmatic advertising (along with a few other staples) has become the 'holy grail' of data-driven recruitment strategy.

Join Mona Tawakali, Chief Strategy Officer at Recruitics, as she shares how programmatic ad data can:

  • Empower recruitment marketers to focus on the human element of talent acquisition
  • Provide valuable learnings that improve the quality of candidates and their experience
  • Inform and automate decisions that accelerate the ad-to-app-to-hire process

Major technological advancements will only continue, so it's important to get an understanding of them and their effects on your work now. You'll leave this session with a baseline formulation for your talent attraction engine, which marries strategy and technology to solve today's toughest problems in candidate targeting and acquisition.