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Join us for a conversation at the intersection of recruitment and employer branding. To build a  great employer brand — one that attracts and retains candidates and employees — you first need to understand the market forces driving TA, from the great resignation to an unprecedented talent shortage. You need to understand what candidates and employees now expect from their employers, including pay transparency, DEI, remote work and wellness.  These dynamics have one theme in common: They require companies to put people first. Built  In’s Chief Marketing Officer Sheridan Orr shares why building people-first employer brands is the key to staying ahead of these trends and tailwinds in the recruitment landscape, allowing you to attract the professionals you need to not just survive but innovate and grow.

Built In serves more than 1,800 innovative companies of all sizes and industries across the  U.S., from SMBs to companies in the Fortune 500. By helping them share employer brand stories with the platform’s uniquely engaged audience — millions of skilled tech professionals who rely on the platform to learn and grow — customers capture the attention of in-demand talent they can’t find anywhere else.

During this presentation, you will learn:  

  • What candidates and employees now demand from employers, including remote work,  growth opportunities, flexibility and a commitment to wellness and DEI.  

  • Why the key to staying ahead of tailwinds in the recruitment landscape is building people-first employer brands.  

  • Ways to do so, including introducing pay transparency, supporting work-life balance through efforts like sabbaticals, defining new approaches to career pathing and performance reviews, and engaging in the re-recruitment of employees.