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The popularity of TikTok has dramatically shaped how a whole generation perceives the world - including careers. Chances are, your company, products and jobs are already on TikTok in one form or another. So the question is,how do we as Talent Acquisition professionals participate?

What can we learn from TikTok trends that enable people to see an authentic view of what we do at our companies, and increase our connection to the community and boost hiring efforts?

If TikTok boggles your mind- have no fear. There are principles for designing your content for success and reaching a whole new demographic of candidates.

Listen, learn, and watch from Alexander Lamburini, Skill Scout Film’s Creative Director on the power and punch of TikTok for Recruiting. In this session you will:

  • Learn how to design your video for TikTok
  • Understand the TikTok audience(s) and their potential
  • See how other companies are using TikTok as part of a lean, effective recruitment strategy