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In this session, Roselle Rogers, Executive Director, DEI Strategy for Circa Mitratech will help you kick start your diversity outreach and save you valuable time by providing you with the “must-have” resources that are essential to any recruiter’s outreach strategy. She will show you the variety of options that you have – from government workforce agencies to non-government community-based organizations – who are present in every major city across the country who provide job placement, career search, job training, and job coaching services to individuals with disabilities, veterans, minorities, women, the LGBTQIA+ population, older workers, and other protected classes, that you can partner with to refer qualified candidates to you and amplify your diversity recruiting efforts. Roselle will also discuss little-known workforce programs to incentivize employers to hire targeted populations, and help you secure buy-in from your management team.

Discussion Topics:

  • Essential recruiting resources for your pipeline
  • Learn more about workforce incentive programs for employers
  • Best practices for diversity outreach
  • Learn how to gather outreach data effectively