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Most job postings are awful. They are documents made up by managers copying and pasting content they like, only to leave candidates feeling confused by this jumble of skills and requirements that don’t make sense. 

This mistake costs companies thousands of dollars every year as jobs sit open without applicants, the wrong candidates apply, or worse: the wrong people get hired. Where do you start? Learn to write a better job posting. People who have attended this session with job post writing expert Katrina Kibben have said it made job post writing fast, efficient, and highly effective in attracting qualified candidates. 

What’s In It For You: 

  • Use marketing job titles that will increase traffic to your posts,

  • A hiring manager intake template that creates trust early in the experience,

  • Techniques for creating mandatory requirements that make the right people apply,

  • Tips for measuring the results of a great job post,

  • And more!