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Talent acquisition is more than just recruiting and hiring. It's also about how positive or negative job candidates feel about their recruiting experience and ultimately how they perceive the business and the brand. For those who aren't hired, which is most for any given job, it's the difference between candidates applying again or not, referring others or not, being a brand advocate or not, and for consumer-based businesses, being a customer or not. 

Excelling at recruitment and helping the business thrive in a post-Covid world means delivering a stellar candidate experience. During this informative TA week session, Talent Board president Kevin W. Grossman and Edwards Lifesciences TA manager Adela Schoolderman will share insights and best practices from their candidate experience book as well as current CandE benchmark research data on the benefits of improving the recruiting process and candidate experience. 

Key takeaways include:

  • What talent acquisition teams can do to improve candidate communication and feedback loops throughout the recruiting cycle

  • How sustaining candidate experience improvements year after year can ensure your employer brand equity pays out in referrals and revenue

  • How improving TA processes and optimizing recruiting tech stacks ultimately drive business performance