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In a world where everyone is using the same AI technologies like ChatGPT to create content, it's crucial to assess what should be automated and what needs the human touch. An over-reliance on AI can miss the mark, producing job postings that don’t accurately capture the role causing you to look for the wrong talent, or worse hire the wrong person. 

Job post writing expert Kat Kibben will go up against the AI to challenge the notion that machines will replace recruiters. Kat will show you how to balance between AI's efficiency and the inclusive outcomes you really want. 

Attendees will learn:
  • The critical role of job descriptions in automating hiring (and why you can’t just guess any more)
  • Insights into the strengths and pitfalls of generative AI (GenAI) for job post creation 
  • How you can use well written job posts to automate systems that work better with technology like compliance, compensation, performance management and more.