Brittany Goren

Talent Acquisition Analyst
Aspen Analytics

Brittany Goren joined Aspen in 2014. Fueled by a desire to empower positive change in the workforce and not wanting a traditional career path, her mentor suggested a meeting with Andrew Gadomski, founder of Aspen Analytics, to discuss her goals. A general discussion turned into a job offer and Brittany has been with Aspen ever since.

In 2016, Brittany graduated with a Masters in HR Employment Relations from Penn State University. Brittany continues to work on employee engagement and workplace satisfaction with the aim of improving the candidate experience and employee condition.

Brittany works directly with Aspen clients, acting as project lead and ensuring every client has an excellent experience.

Brittany has 2 dogs, a Great Dane and a Pitt mix. She lives happily in Pennsylvania.

Aspen Analytics

Brittany Goren’s Session(s)

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