Brittany Goren

Talent Acquisition Analyst
Aspen Analytics

Brittany Goren joined Aspen in 2014. Starting as an intern, Brittany has grown and developed into an Associate, and now serves as Aspen’s Lead Analyst. Early in her tenure, she developed skills in optimizing dashboards and understanding survey details for the Candidate Experience Awards which ignited her interest in using data to smartly answer sharp business questions. Brittany works directly with Aspen clients to ensure each has success in using workforce analytics to inform leadership on how employment activities align to the organization’s strategic goals.

Her analytics skills run across all stages of employment including analysis on pre-application activities. She has a specific focus on wage transparency and solicitation, branding effectiveness, and candidate experience. She widened her skill set to understand the use of AI in employment decisions. Lastly, she evaluates and assists in audits related to employee movement, pay equity, and evaluating the success of long-term recruitment and retention methods that render into human capital analytics disclosures for financial and government regulators.

Along the way, Brittany graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business with concentrations in Human Resources and Psychology from Keystone College. She advanced her education with a Masters in HR Employment Relations from Penn State University.

When she is not exploring workforce data and organization effectiveness, she spends as much time as she can exploring the outdoors as she hikes with her perfect pooch. She volunteers at horse farms to muck stalls, groom, and ride to enjoy the outdoors even more.

Aspen Analytics

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