Crystal Miller Lay

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer
GBS Worldwide

Crystal’s passion, extensive knowledge, and fresh insight has made her a sought-after writer, speaker, and reliable expert source for multiple media outlets including CBS, Fox News, Hanley-Wood, Mashable, Huffington Post, and ABC. She has an extensive network in HR Technology and Industry media. As an industry leader, she is recognized for expertise in employer branding, brand strategy & marketing, reputation marketing, creative content, and digital strategic solutions.

Her work in predictive recruitment marketing has helped numerous organizations refine and optimize their marketing spend as well as improve workforce retention through better hiring experiences. Her development of game-changing university marketing programs has been called “ground-breaking,” saving employers thousands of collective man-hours spent on college campuses, while strengthening relations with faculty. She has created brand, communication, digital, media, crisis PR, and B2B/B2C launch strategies for some of the biggest companies in the world.

GBS Worldwide

Crystal Miller Lay’s Session(s)

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