Monica Bowen

Director of Talent Acquisition
JAMS, Inc.

Monica Bowen (Her/She) is an experienced leader in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and Talent Strategy at JAMS. She has a passion for building and leveraging the candidate experience in order to attract diverse talent into the organization. Monica has built her organization’s Talent Acquisition team including recruiting systems, process development, candidate engagement, and talent strategy.

At JAMS, Monica drives diversity because she truly understands how a more inclusive environment will enrich the organizational culture and help build their core values

In her career, Monica has focused largely on creating and implementing systems and processes that both increase efficiency for her team, and enhance the experience for candidates and hiring managers. This has enabled her to decrease agency placement fees, while at the same time increasing quality of hire and candidate/manager satisfaction.

Staying up to date on industry developments and trends has allowed Monica and her team to stay nimble, and provide responsive and relevant support to the organization during these dynamic and challenging times. 

In her spare time, Monica likes to spend as much time as possible outdoors gardening, walking/running, and biking in beautiful Southern California. She also enjoys participating in many causes, currently, she is participating in the Tahoe to Malibu 700-mile Walking/Running/Biking challenge to raise money for California food banks. The challenge runs through October (that is about 25-30 miles a week!).

JAMS, Inc.

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