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With so much data online, where and how do sourcers most efficiently find information related to industry or company shifts, and the passive talent they need, beyond their obvious top few competitors? In this session, a long-time corporate talent sourcing manager/trainer will share his go-to resources, tools and techniques to stay on top of the important changes that can greatly impact your ability to identify and engage talent at the right time, including diversity targeting, via:

  • The best free layoff trackers, job aggregators and automated alert/feed tools
  • How to pull skill- and geo-specific names from virtual conferences, user group lists,map and product/service review websites
  • Using natural language queries and aggregator search tools for social network intelligence (SOCMINT / OSINT) which of the major supply and demand data tools are worthwhile for talent market mapping
  • robust, flexible competitive intelligence platform options that can automatically support all your TA staff’s needs