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Bias is present in every step of the hiring process, often unconsciously. This poses significant ethical and even economical challenges for organizations and society at large, growing more urgent everyday. 

Bias in hiring is not a new challenge, but new solutions and strategies to help combat bias at every stage in the hiring process are emerging everyday. While most HR leaders are familiar with some of the human-focused solutions to combat bias like anti-bias training, technology and AI specifically can take it a step further to mitigate inherent human biases and evaluate more fairly at scale, allowing recruiting leaders to consider a broader pool of applicants while providing a consistent experience including:

  • How commonly used methods of screening and assessing candidates are disproportionately disadvantaging certain groups from the start
  • How unconscious bias comes into play and why anti-bias training for humans isn’t the solution 
  • How to measure bias in your hiring process and then implement technology and strategies to mitigate it across every step of the hiring process
  • Best practices for HR leaders using technology to reduce bias including: the type of data to include, consistent auditing, transparency, and vendor partnership