Tony Suzda

Director of Talent Acquisition and Talent Strategy
Dent Wizard International

Tony Suzda is an experienced leader in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Talent Management,
Talent Strategy and HRIS. He has a passion for ensuring top notch candidate experience that
attracts top talent into the organization. Tony has led many high profile projects for both private
and public companies related to recruiting systems, process development, candidate
engagement and talent strategy.
In his career, Tony has focused largely on creating and implementing systems and processes
that increase efficiency and experience for candidates and hiring managers. Through many of
these initiatives, he has been able to show increases in quality of hire, candidate satisfaction,
manager satisfaction and brand affinity.
Tony continues to implement new and out-of-the-box methods to drive corporate strategy and
positive organizational change, resulting in significant gains for the organization.

Dent Wizard International

Tony Suzda’s Session(s)

8:45 am —

From Dents to Dynamic Performance: How your EBrand and Candidate Experience Impact your Bottom Line.

Join Jennifer Henley, VP of Client Services from NAS Recruitment Innovation, and Tony Suzda, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition at Dent Wizard International, for an informative discussion of how we partnered to build a candidate experience that had a direct impact on their hiring results and bottom line. We’ll discuss how Dent Wizard: 

  •       Developed and prioritized their employment brand message  
  •       Delivered an award-winning candidate experience  
  •       Used analytics and KPIs to improve results and get better hires 

This in-depth case study will give you solid insight into one organization’s journey and success – while highlighting the steps you can take within your own organization. 

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