Nigel-Ray Garcia

Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Recruitment
Baltimore Corps

As the Senior Manager of Community Engagement and Recruitment, Nigel helps to execute a comprehensive recruitment strategy attaining a diverse quality pipeline of talent for all Baltimore Corps programs and initiatives. Nigel plays an integral role in developing collaborative relationships with leaders in the community and across a broad range of interest groups in Baltimore City to further Baltimore Corps’ mission and vision.

Background: Nigel-Ray received his Bachelor’s in English Literature from Saint Bonaventure University in 2006. He then returned to his hometown of Brooklyn, NY, to develop and strengthen his client and customer relationship skills in the information technology, marketing, and financial services industries.

Baltimore Corps

Nigel-Ray Garcia’s Session(s)

2:00 pm —

Recruiting Using an Inclusive & Equitable Lens During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Session participants will learn how to use virtual and community-centered methods to recruit a diverse and equitable talent pool. Baltimore Corps was tasked with recruiting more than 300 roles for Baltimore City’s Covid-19 response called the Baltimore Health Corps project. We will use this project as a case study to highlight how we achieved this by sharing our methods on:

  • Job description creation
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Screening and selection of candidates
  • Using data point check-ins to adjust recruitment efforts
  • Avoiding tokenism or pandering to the potential talent pool

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