Sarah Flammang

VP of Operations & Administration
Baltimore Corps

As the Vice President of Operations and Administration, Sarah oversees all administrative and operational functions and activities at Baltimore Corps. She directs organization-wide collaboration on processes and systems across departments to ensure the organizations' operations are efficient and effective and in compliances with company policies. As a member of the executive team, Sarah works closely with the CEO, CFO, VP of Programs to drive organizational strategy and ensures the organization's management systems is in compliance with all federal and local laws.

Background: Sarah strives to realize the vision of a more connected and collaborative city by growing and retaining talented individuals in Baltimore. In her over five years at Baltimore Corps, she has supported the growth and development of the organization and network of talented individuals by building the organization’s partnerships from start-up to a systematized model. Her efforts to create opportunities in her professional capacity are a natural extension of her work while still an MBA student, where she created opportunities for students to make a positive impact in the city by engaging with the community and the environment. Prior to coming to Baltimore Corps, Sarah was a geologist for EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc.. She also served as a Climate Corps Fellow through the Environmental Defense Fund, where she focused on energy efficiency and sustainability projects at Lincoln University. Sarah holds a B.S. in Geoscience from Denison University and an M.B.A. from The Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School with a concentration in entrepreneurship and focus on Business with Humanity in Mind.

Baltimore Corps

Sarah Flammang’s Session(s)

2:00 pm —

Recruiting Using an Inclusive & Equitable Lens During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Session participants will learn how to use virtual and community-centered methods to recruit a diverse and equitable talent pool. Baltimore Corps was tasked with recruiting more than 300 roles for Baltimore City’s Covid-19 response called the Baltimore Health Corps project. We will use this project as a case study to highlight how we achieved this by sharing our methods on:

  • Job description creation
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Screening and selection of candidates
  • Using data point check-ins to adjust recruitment efforts
  • Avoiding tokenism or pandering to the potential talent pool

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