Alyssa Bani

Employer Brand Strategist

Alyssa is an employer brand strategist at exaqueo who brings a diverse background in employer brand, consumer brand, and content marketing to her work. At exaqueo, she’s led employer brand engagements for a non-profit organization, private label manufacturer, top 10 global pharma company, and restaurant franchisor, among others. Our clients and team value her project management skills, data-driven approach, and collaborative nature.


Alyssa Bani’s Session(s)

12:45 pm —

Fueled By You: Building an Authentic Employer Brand Through Partnership and Collaboration

In this session, you’ll learn strategies to build and activate an employer brand and to create an employer brand function within your organization. Apply the key learnings to:


  •     Gain executive buy-in for your employer brand
  •     Consider selecting and partnering with an employer brand consultant
  •     Develop an employer brand strategy and activation plan
  •     Tap in-house resources to support brand activation
  •     Build an employer brand function from the ground up

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