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High-growth organizations need to develop highly effective recruiting engines that can scale quickly. To do this, TA leaders need fast and reliable insights into their core recruiting KPIs. But depending on their size and pace of growth, many organizations have neither the resources nor bandwidth to create custom-built predictive recruiting dashboards. So, how can TA leaders keep a pulse on their hiring efforts? We’re glad you asked. Join Chelsea Cohen, Manager of Recruiting Operations at FullStory, as she explores the three core reports talent acquisition stakeholders can leverage to understand recruiting productivity and to inform their journey to building high-performing hiring teams. Her experience at FullStory, a company on Forbes’ List of America’s Top Startup Employers, provides a unique perspective into how companies of all sizes can scale like a startup. Watch this data-driven season to learn: 
  • Which metrics to report to your Head of Recruiting
  • How to use technology to streamline TA reporting
  • Strategies for using recruiting reporting to optimize your core recruiting KPIs