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What does it take to successfully recruit the next generation of talent? Hint: It doesn't involve TikTok. In fact, data collected by RippleMatch on Gen Z college students points to the importance of embracing the benefits of sourcing with the efficiency of automation. A COVID-era survey found that 80% of surveyed college students said they would like for companies to reach out about an opportunity, and the economic landscape has inspired 68% of students to look for opportunities outside of their preferred industry. On top of that, the cornerstone of a positive Gen Z candidate experience is personalization. The takeaway? Any competitive early career hiring strategy must have a thoughtful approach to sourcing and proactive outreach.

Join Kate Beckman, Executive Manager of Community & Insights at RippleMatch, for a deep dive into the data on Gen Z's job search preferences and what it should mean for your talent acquisition strategy. In this session, you'll hear why automated sourcing is such a powerful tool to recruit Gen Z, as well as data-backed recommendations for outreach, brand positioning, and leveraging software tools.