John G. Graham Jr.

VP Employer Brand, Diversity & Culture
Shaker Recruitment Marketing

It is said that one of the hardest questions to answer in life is "Who are you?" Through self-discovery, failure, and success I know myself to be a creative communicator, a connector of cultures and a leader by inspiration. I believe in the power of human connection and I take pride in being the bridge between aspirations and opportunities for others.

Professionally, my passion is helping global companies discover the essence of who they are at their core. Through award winning employer brand and employee value proposition development, I’ve found fulfillment in discovering innovative ways to bring the humanity of employee stories to life. As a DEI practitioner and culture transformation consultant, my work centers on improving the lived experiences of marginalized employee populations through bleeding-edge approaches that disrupt the status quo and create equitable and inclusive environments.

As a keynote speaker, coach, executive consultant, and author, I engage global audiences on topics ranging from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the power of personal branding, and employer brand activation through culture marketing strategies. As a result, I’ve been able to help CEO’s navigate diversity strategies, executives develop a more authentic voice on social media, students land their first dream job and seasoned professionals rebrand themselves to attract their next career opportunity.

Shaker Recruitment Marketing

John G. Graham Jr.’s Session(s)

10:00 a.m. —

Two Words That Will Make Your Employer Brand Diverse & Inclusive

In the past year, companies have had to take an honest look at who they are and the culture they want to create for marginalized employees. When it comes to Employer Brand, it’s not enough to throw a few ethnically diverse and disabled person stock images on your career site and call yourself a diverse company.

Join John Graham, Vice President of Global Employer Brand, Diversity & Culture at Shaker Recruitment Marketing as he reveals the two words that are critical to ensuring that your Employer Brand is truly diverse and inclusive. If you want to ensure that your marketing actually matches reality and better attract, retain and engage marginalized talent, then you won’t want to miss this session.

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