Mike Watson

Senior Director of Talent Transformation

As a Human Resource executive with 20+ years of experience, I appreciate that the organization is a dynamic

ecosystem, impacted by its structure, programs, and people, as well as clients and stakeholders. I work with
leaders, at all levels of the organization, to assess people and systems shifts needed in order to drive success
and execute against strategy.


Mike Watson’s Session(s)

2:15 p.m. —

Navigate the Post-Pandemic Hiring Market with Your Talent Data

A huge wave of change is here. Companies can’t find enough talent. Remote and hybrid work are here to stay. Diversity is a top priority. How can you surf this wave of change successfully?

Fortunately, your talent data and AI can help you navigate this turbulent post-pandemic market, and set your organization up for years of recruiting success.

Join TA expert Mike Watson for a discussion of how data and AI are transforming recruiting for the needs of today’s hiring market, including impacts on candidate experience, recruiter workflows, hiring for skills and potential, global recruitment, and DE&I.


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