Dimitri Boylan


Before founding Avature in 2004, Mr. Boylan co-founded HotJobs.com in 1997. He worked here at the capacity of a COO and later as a CEO. He took the company public in 1999. Under his leadership, the company grew into a giant which brought in $100 million in revenue. HotJobs.com was acquired by Yahoo! in 2002 for $433 million. At this point, HotJobs.com was the 49th most visited site on the internet. Between 2002 and 2009, Mr. Boylan served on the Board of Directors of Zhaopin.com, the second largest employment website in China.

He has appeared on CNNfn, CNN, Fox News, The Fox News’ Cavuto Report, and CNBC Power Lunch. He has been also featured in Business Week, The New York Daily News, Investor’s Business Daily, and other print publications.

He obtained his BA in biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania. His graduate research has been published in over 30 scientific publications.


Dimitri Boylan’s Session(s)

9:45 a.m. —

Optimizing Stakeholder Relationships: A Service-Driven Approach to the Modern ATS

Long gone are the days when ATS equaled a mere tracking system. At present, leading organizations recognize its value as a service delivery platform given that the experience stakeholders have when interacting with it are as key as the outcome they expect from it. That’s why serving hiring managers and enabling them to make the best decisions is the way to go. 
Join Dimitri Boylan and Mike Brown as they share their insights on how Siemens Energy is creating a more interactive use rather than a process meant to be administered, as well as their thoughts on the journeys experienced by other companies using Avature.  

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