Grace Steinhauser

Employer Branding & Diversity Outreach, Program Manager
American Heart Association

During her time as the Employer Branding and Diversity Outreach Program Manager, Grace has had the privilege of highlighting #TheAHALife employee experiences through storytelling. Grace began her career in employer branding when first she joined #TheAHALife Ambassador program - a program she now leads which consists of AHA employees who focus on sharing what inspires them to be a part of the mission every day. Professionally, Grace’s passion is connecting with diverse candidates by promoting the supportive and spirited work culture through the voices and experiences of AHA employees. Personally, if she’s not exploring new places, her passion lies in practicing mindfulness and yoga or spending quality time with her Bernedoodle, Rigatoni.

American Heart Association

Grace Steinhauser’s Session(s)

8:45 a.m. —

Keynote: Storytelling through Video: How AHA Captured their Culture for Value-based Recruitment Pre & Post-Pandemic

When you think about the American Heart Association, you might imagine a fundraising company, when in reality, it’s a full-blown multifaceted corporate organization. Even with a great career site, one roadblock that the American Heart Association continued to run up against was the misconception that their jobs were centered around volunteer or fundraising positions. This ultimately impacted their ability to reach the technology and business-focused job seekers they were hoping to attract. With the help of Recruit Rooster, the American Heart Association was able to bring their career site up to speed with their corporate goals and focus their recruitment on values-based topics. While the film crew’s initial visit was before the pandemic, they were still able to adapt the content to fit COVID hiring initiatives. The final career site not only included authentic imagery and heartwarming employee testimonials, but also bold statements that spoke to the heart of what the American Heart Association employees are all about.

Join the AHA and Recruit Rooster’s Creative Director, Drew Palmer, as they take you through the American Heart Association’s improved recruitment solution.

Recruit Rooster’s Director of Sales Engineering, Seth Flater, will cap off the segment by showing how his team is helping other organizations align their employer brand and recruitment marketing to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. Learn how they have assisted employers in digitizing their D&I efforts and illustrating inclusivity in their workplaces with custom imagery, employee testimonials, and more to paint a picture of equity and belonging.

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