Brettany Payne

Content Strategist and Project Manager
Stories Incorporated

Brettany Payne is a Content Strategist and Project Manager at Stories Incorporated, experts in organizational storytelling to attract candidates and engage employees for leading and emerging employer brands. One of her specialities is in uncovering and capturing stories that reveal authentic inclusion and belonging, and a commitment to diversity. Previously, Brettany worked at Gannett/USA Today as a project manager for employer branding, recruitment marketing and diversity. With a background in TA, HR and communications, Brettany is both a seasoned marketer and a talent acquisition pro.



Stories Incorporated

Brettany Payne’s Session(s)

1:45 p.m. —

How Leading Brands Use Employee Stories to Communicate Their DEI Progress & Strategy

"Diversity and inclusion statements" may be rooted in good intention, but are ineffective. Audiences will only believe that an organization really values DEI when they see and hear the proof: Stories from your team members most impacted by the DEI decisions your organization makes. Stories Inc.’s seasoned content strategists and project managers, experts in uncovering compelling DEI stories from employees, will show you how we do it. Using four of our best practices and tips, they’ll show you how to communicate your commitment and progress towards creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. This presentation will also show you how to connect stories to your brand messaging, values and purpose, using several real examples from leading and progressive companies.

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