Bryan Adams

CEO and Founder

Bryan is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, recognized as one of the leading employer brand agencies in the world. Ph. specializes in building world-class employer brand, EVP and talent engagement strategy for companies such as Apple, Nike, Peloton and Intuitive. He is considered a prominent employer brand thought leader and his creative, unconventional, and even controversial methodologies are said to regularly change the way people think about employer branding and EVP. Bryan is a two-times best-selling author (Getting Goosebumps & Give & Get), HBR contributor, podcaster and specialist speaker.


Bryan Adams’s Session(s)

11:00 a.m. —

An Incredibly Powerful Approach to Employer Brand In a (Nearly) Post-Covid World

Do you want more women? More veterans? More diverse applicants? Do you want the best talent in the marketplace? Do you also want them to perform at the top of their game and become stellar brand ambassadors?

If you’re not already achieving the results you want, in a world that’s just been through the events of 2020, it could well be time to rethink your approach to employer brand.

Yes, I will touch on the importance of a ‘Give & Get’ in your EVP, but now I want to cut through the noise, the rhetoric, and old ways of thinking about what your employer brand is capable of.

The world has radically changed. Employer brand is more important than ever before, and so, it’s time to think differently if you’re going to remain relevant to your audience and aligned to your organization.

Join this session and you will leave with all-new ideas, strategies, and tactics that you will run home to start work on immediately.

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