Ruth Toombs

Sales Manager
Recruit Rooster

With over 10 years of experience in the recruitment marketing industry, Ruth Toombs focuses on helping employers navigate and implement everything from new technology to branding and hiring strategies. She specializes in career sites solutions, D&I hiring technology, employer branding, recruiting metrics, applicant tracking systems and integrations, and various other talent acquisition essentials.

As an active and engaged member of the Talent Acquisition community, she spends time as an industry-related speaker, presenter, blogger and educator. Ruth also has a healthy obsession with writing, music, and Dachshunds.

Recruit Rooster

Ruth Toombs’s Session(s)

1:05 –1:35 PM PDT —

Attract, Engage, & Nurture Top-Tier Job Seekers with the Power of Video

Many sources tout the power of video over written content, citing video as 1,200% more successful than other types of content. They not only allow content to be consumed quicker but also allow employers to showcase their employer brand and candidate experience in a meaningful way. However, many organizations struggle with the challenges and complexities of storytelling, as well as capturing and editing video content — but times are changing! 

Reimagine how your TA team can produce videos, all without the fancy equipment and added expenses. Join Recruit Rooster’s Heather Hoffman, Drew Palmer and Ruth Toombs to explore how companies are simplifying the video-making process. You’ll learn how to create employee testimonials and culture highlight videos for your career ecosystem that further supplements recruitment marketing efforts and drives real, proven results.

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