Matt Rimer

Managing Partner

Matt Rimer is a Talent Acquisition Executive and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of TA experience in two of the largest health systems in the U.S. He has spent the last 2.5 years at Trinity Health; before that, he spent 17 years at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). In his time at both organizations, Matt has built and led teams across the entire recruitment function — from Sourcers and Recruiters to Marketing and Operations. His early career as a recruiter in technology has led to a passion for software development and a focus on enabling TA teams through smart processes and technology deployments.

When Matt is not working or spending time with his wife and two girls, he can be found peddling his road bike or hiking the nearest mountain.


Matt Rimer’s Session(s)

11:20 –11:50 AM PDT —

Employee Powered Hiring

Employee referrals are an unparalleled source when it comes to recruiting top quality candidates for your organization. In this engaging session, Matt will share how he set the bold goal of bringing in 50% hires from employee referrals and how he has worked to empower employees to meet that goal. He will discuss:

  • Achieving buy-in for your referral initiative
  • Employee benefits: ideas for rewarding employees
  • ROI: making the case for referrals

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