Michelle Brooks

Chief People and Culture Officer
Security Compass

Michelle is currently the Chief People & Culture Office at Security Compass, a software security firm in Toronto.  Michelle has experience working in a series of progressively senior leadership roles within industry-leading recruitment firms, before making the transition to corporate roles in the tech and consulting sectors. Michelle has successfully helped multiple tech companies build for scale by building strong employer brand and recruitment functions, while also developing lean people operations that drive the development of talent, and relentlessly focusing on corporate culture that evolves with scale.

Security Compass

Michelle Brooks’s Session(s)

2:20 - 3:00 PDT —

Moneyball for Talent: Building Complimentary Teams on a Budget

Are you struggling to compete with companies who seem to have endless resources to hire all-star teams?  In today’s economic climate, building a team of all-stars is often out of reach for many organizations.  Drawing from real-world examples, this session will show how the principles of Moneyball can be applied to talent management.  You’ll learn how to identify undervalued talent to build a strong, resilient and high-performing team that will put you back in the game. 

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