Carmelina Lalley

Managing Director, Trust Solutions, Talent Acquisition Leader

Speaker details coming soon!


Carmelina Lalley’s Session(s)

1:50 –2:20 PM PDT —

Jack of All Trades... How Specialization Can Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Function

We've all heard the saying "jack of all trades, master of none"... this session will focus on how having "jack of all trades" recruiters can be a deterrent to truly optimizing the experience of your candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters. This session will highlight a case study on how we've specialized aspects of our recruiting process at PwC and the outcomes we've had as a result. TA practitioners will leave with tangible steps they can take to diagnosis bottlenecks in their recruiting process and implement specialization to increase their value to the organization and improve the outcomes for their stakeholders.

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