Erin Mathew


Erin Mathew has been in Talent Acquisition since 2014. She has worked in a multitude of industries including E-commerce, Marketing, Healthcare Aerospace and Fintech. She is currently a Sr. Talent Sourcer at Paypal and has been an active contributor and speaker at various conferences. She lives in Asheville North Carolina with her husband, son and 2 dogs.


Erin Mathew’s Session(s)

1:50 –2:20 PM PDT —

Breaking Barriers: Targeting Tech Talent

Identifying Talent is competitive and often requires a sourcer to seek out unconventional search methods to fill difficult roles. Erin Mathew will take you through best practices to power through common barriers that many Talent Acquisition professionals face. Key takeaways include:

  • How to properly research a role to ensure the right search calibration
  • Lesser known places to source
  • How to capture the attention of the ideal candidate

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