Michael Leopold

Founder, President
Leopold Talent Consulting

Michael is a Career Coach, Human Resources consultant, and public speaker. He is the founder and president of Leopold Talent Consulting, which offers comprehensive career consulting services to individuals and speaking / training engagements for organizations. Prior to launching his business, Michael held progressive HR and HR consulting roles at Xerox, Two Sigma Investments, and Mercer. 

His speaking topics include the future of work, neurodiversity in hiring, and career development. Outside of work, Michael has spent 15+ years as a mental health advocate and public speaker for nonprofits. As a professional with Tourette syndrome and ADHD, he leverages his lived experiences to help organizations better hire and retain neurodivergent talent.  

Michael holds a B.S. in Cognitive Science from Yale University and a M.S. in Human Capital Management from Columbia University.

Leopold Talent Consulting

Michael Leopold’s Session(s)

2:20 –3:00 PM PDT —

Panel Discussion: Recruiting Strategies and Accommodations for Neurodivergent Talent

In this panel discussion, talent acquisition pros will share actionable steps to help organizations improve hiring strategies for neurodivergent talent. Panelists will share strategies and insights for implementing accommodations within your traditional hiring process including how to build accessible job descriptions, ways to partner with staffing agencies that specialize in placing neurodivergent talent, how to implement accessible candidate screening practices including work samples, assigned projects, and scripted interviews, as well as ideas for reducing bias in your recruiting processes. 

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