Cristina Moceri

Global Talent Partner
Elements Talent Consultancy

Cristina Moceri is a Global Talent Acquisition and Attraction professional focused on building better human experiences for talent teams, stakeholders, and candidates alike. A champion for neurodiversity and DE&I employer branding, she is the driving force behind the growth of Elements Talent Consultancy across America

Elements Talent Consultancy

Cristina Moceri’s Session(s)

2:20 –3:00 PM PDT —

Panel Discussion: Recruiting Strategies and Accommodations for Neurodivergent Talent

Actionable steps to help organizations fine-tune your hiring strategies for neurodivergent talent. Role out accommodations with traditional hiring process:

  1. Building Accessible Job Descriptions
  2. How to enhance job descriptions to convey the organization's commitment to neurodiversity and to incorporate inclusive language (including vendors that make writing these job descriptions very easy!) Partnering with staffing agencies that specialize in placing neurodivergent talent How to implement accessible candidate screening practices including work samples, assigned projects, scripted interviews, and rec letters How to de-bias your recruiting processes

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