Lori Sylvia

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Lori Sylvia is the Founder and CEO of Rally™ Recruitment Marketing, an online community forum where the best Recruitment Marketing ideas are learned and shared to help HR, Recruiting and Marketing professionals gain new skills, advance their careers and deliver greater business impact. Lori started out as a technology journalist and then became a marketer of new technologies at five start-ups. Before founding Rally, Lori was Chief Marketing Officer of SmashFly Technologies, where she and her team educated the market about modern Recruitment Marketing practices. With Rally, Lori is working across the industry to inspire more people to become Recruitment Marketers to lead the future of talent acquisition.

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Lori Sylvia’s Session(s)

9:15 AM –9:55 AM PDT —

Panel Discussion: Building a Game-Changing Talent Strategy

Now more than ever, talent engagement is key to a company’s success and, quite possibly, to its competitive advantage. To enable execution of any business strategy, leaders must develop a comprehensive talent strategy customized to enable business strategy execution for the future. To achieve effective recruitment, retention, and staff development, leaders must develop a comprehensive talent strategy to address the company’s current and future needs. Join this engaging panel discussion to identify key practices for developing a talent strategy.

1:50 –2:30 PM PDT —

Panel Discussion: Analytics that Matter to Better Position TA

Talent acquisition should be viewed as more than an investment — it’s a revenue generator. Join us for this session to learn how to leverage strategic talent acquisition partnerships and utilize data analytics to demonstrate the value of TA.

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