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CareerArc is the only social media recruiting platform built for talent acquisition teams. We help the world’s largest, most exciting brands, including many of the Fortune 500, transform their social media presence into a strategic source of hire. CareerArc's platform gives talent acquisition teams the power to easily communicate their employer brand and jobs on social media at scale to drive brand awareness and engagement from passive and active job seekers. CareerArc’s social recruiting platform auto-syncs with jobs in your ATS; turns your jobs and content into hundreds or thousands of social posts automatically with our magic post technology; automates publishing to corporate and individual social profiles (for employee advocacy programs); and much more. Clients report notable achievements such as a 50% increase in hires, 85% retention rate for candidates hired from social media, and a per-client average of 949 hours of work saved on recruiting each year.


RippleMatch powers the future of early career recruiting. Designed for the modern campus recruiter, our intelligent recruiting platform combines automation and data insights to dramatically increase productivity, reach, and diversity. From source to hire, RippleMatch enables recruiters to connect with every student seeking a job, regardless of where they chose to attend school. To learn more, visit ripplematch.com.

Recruit Rooster

Recruit Rooster is here to expand your company’s recruitment marketing strategy by offering new tools to win the best candidates. As the recruitment marketplace evolves, so do we. You need more than just a great jobs page, and that’s why Recruit Rooster goes above and beyond to offer services that communicate your company’s culture to potential candidates. We are expanding our solutions further to offer full career site branding, creative content services, and now, our very own talent community built with compliance in mind. We also offer accessibility testing and tools that will elevate your career site and appeal to a broader, more diverse audience of job seekers.


At Circa, we believe that diverse teams have the power to transform business. To us, we don’t see diversity as just a check-the-box requirement. We know that diversity is a proprietary advantage for companies — driving innovation and dramatically improving business performance. That’s why we help companies accelerate their success by building more diverse, innovative and high-performing teams. Our robust portfolio of software solutions and unparalleled industry expertise give our customers the tools and knowledge they need to radically change how they approach talent acquisition and management.


Verified Credentials

Trust in your relationships is essential. Since 1984 our background check solutions have helped individuals and organizations feel confident in the connections they make. As a pioneer in background screening, we use our experience and innovative spirit to help organizations create, manage, and streamline their background screening programs. The relationships we build are strong and long-lasting. It's our responsive support, knowledgeable insights, and willingness to go the extra mile that our clients count on. Ask any HR team we work with, many with 10+ years of experience with us.


The Talent Board

Now in its 12th year, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards is the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience with industry benchmarks that highlight accountability, fairness and business impact.


We help employers attract talent: Enhanced Recruitment Process + Streamlined Tech Stack + Better Brand & Marketing = Improved ROI and Lower Cost.

Talent Brand Alliance

Talent Brand Alliance is a professional community for employment branding and recruitment marketing leaders and practitioners to learn, collaborate and network within our growing field. Through both online and offline events, we come together to collaborate and learn as well as push for the advancement of this growing and essential profession.


We help organizations tell the true story of their employment experience to attract and retain talent to perform, engage, and thrive. We believe work matters. It puts food on your table, opportunity on your doorstep, and brings meaning to your every day. Organizations are powered by people. And when we find a workplace where we can thrive, we go all in. We work hard. And our organizations see results.


At the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), it is our mission to make HR future-proof by offering world-class, online education programs available anywhere, anytime. Any HR professional who is committed to life-long learning can expand their skill set with relevant and in-demand skills. AIHR is the place to learn the skills you need to advance your career and secure a job at the forefront of HR. AIHR students form a community of HR professionals dedicated to developing in-demand skills, advancing their career, and making HR future-proof. We help our students reach their goals with specialized online courses that go beyond video lessons and assignments. Our learning portal connects students from all over the world to solve real-life problems together and share best practices. We are proud that our students rate us with a course rating score of 8.9 (out of 10) and that in 2019, our students spent over 41,600 hours learning in our Academy. Get inspired by their success stories.

Investor Brand Network

Through its portfolio of complementary brands, IBN provides (1) access to our network of wire services via InvestorWire to reach all target markets, industries and demographics in the most effective manner possible, (2) article and editorial syndication to 5,000+ news outlets (3), enhanced press release solutions so to ensure maximum impact, (4) full-scale distribution to a huge social media audience, (5) a full array of corporate communications focused on the IBN Podcast Series.

Talent Culture

TalentCulture is a trailblazing HR marketing company offering advertising, media, executive branding, and social promotions via our global learning community to brands in all industries with an emphasis on tech brands. Our experienced B2B marketing team designs custom content programs to create social awareness and influence, spark new business growth, promote thought leadership, and help our clients distinguish themselves as industry leaders to gain greater market share and visibility with their audience. Working in combination with a vibrant social ecosystem, we call our global learning community, we promote (introduce) our clients to a relevant, buying audience using sought-after and innovative practices, and content strategies to elevate the conversation. Our clients partner with a veteran team of HR tech analysts, former HR practitioners, influencers, industry trailblazers, workplace futurists, branding, and social media specialists.

HRM Outlook

HRM Outlook magazine is a technology media-house that publishes all the latest information about the workforce that is necessary to improve the performance of businesses. We cover various topics, such as talent management, employment law, HR technology, recruitment, diversity, leadership, well-being, etc. With a team of experienced HR experts and industry insiders, we bring you up-to-date coverage on the most pressing HR issues, from talent acquisition and development to diversity and inclusion, and everything in between.

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Rally® is the largest community of professionals in HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Marketing and Communications where the best ideas in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding are learned and shared, to help you gain new skills, advance your career and deliver greater business impact.


The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) was founded in 2016 as a 501(c)6 association. However, the idea for a global recruiting association has long had roots in the hearts and minds of talent acquisition professionals. ATAP is open to all professionals who have talent acquisition responsibilities, including corporate, agency, staffing and RPO recruiters and leaders. Our membership is open to technology and product partners who provide solutions and tools that support talent acquisition strategy and execution.

Michele Shelton LLC

Michele L. Shelton, CDP, CPC, is founding CEO and Principal Consultant of Michele Shelton LLC, a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) management consulting firm based in Louisville, KY. As an international speaker, author, executive coach, and workplace activist, she is deeply concerned with how we experience humanity in the workplace and beyond. In addition to speaking and consulting on the development and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion solutions, she specializes in race and gender equity. Michele's candor, career experience, and innovative insights make her a trusted, value-added speaker and advisor to her clients. She remains available on an international basis to keynote, coach, consult and is an audience favorite at conferences, association meetings, and community events.

Trap Recruiter

TRAP Recruiter, LLC is a Black Woman-Owned Talent Acquisition Consulting and Career Coaching firm actively bridging the gap between job seekers and organizations committed to attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining diverse talent and building inclusive cultures. Using the core principles of trust, relationship building, accountability, and a proactive approach, TRAP Recruiter, LLC specializes in Full Lifecycle Recruiting, Recruiter and Hiring Manager Training, Recruiting Process Improvement, Recruitment and Talent Attraction Strategies, and Employee Transition Assistance.

Enterprise Viewpoint

Enterprise Viewpoint (EV) creates high-quality content to improve businesses. Our platform offers unique insights and valuable networks to support the growth of young and ambitious entrepreneurs. Our special edition features stories of successful businesses and entrepreneurs transforming industries with meaningful solutions. We provide the latest trends, expert advice, and practical tips for business success in both print and digital formats. Trust EV to be your guide on the journey to success.

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