Tom Pattison

Employer Brand Specialist

For the past five years, Tom has been working with some of the world’s biggest brands to develop their employer brand and cultural strategies. Tom is now’s Employer Brand Specialist, supporting their mission to build the future of banking by helping attract, retain and empower the best talent for the business.

Tom Pattison’s Session(s)

10:45 am —

Case Study : Redefine your Value Prop to Expedite your Team’s Growth

From the start of the pandemic, employees looked at their organization to see how they will be handling not being in an office, culture, and core areas that have historically had a huge impact on your value prop. So as culture changes you will need to ensure:

  • Your value prop and communications are able to adapt to detail the current environment and the future environment
  • Your value props don’t rely exclusively on having a strong office culture 
  • You consider the impact on the onboarding process and company culture in a virtual world
  • You continue to review the candidate experience and evolving priorities

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