Tony Prudente

Senior Specialist, Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing & Social

What started out as a temporary HR internship, eventually blossomed into a full-time role focused on internal and external talent engagement. Throughout his tenure at Brother USA, Tony Prudente pioneered employer & talent branding and recruitment marketing - completely brand-new concepts to both him and the century-old organization. With Tony’s leadership, Brother USA evolved from not having a careers website at all, to an award-winning EVP and employer brand that is delivering measurable results and ROI. With a passion for storytelling and striving for excellence, Tony is a natural-born collaborator and people-person who loves nothing more than to push the boundaries of what comes next. In his spare time, Tony enjoys overly obsessing over pop culture and dreaming of one day growing up to be what he said at his Kindergarten graduation: 'Amusement Park Owner'.


Tony Prudente’s Session(s)

10:00 am —

Solo Talent Branders: How to succeed as a party of one

One can be the loneliest number for a talent brander, especially when you're educating, evangelizing, engaging, and doing all of the work on your own. But to be successful, you need to build the right relationships internally, understand the recruitment marketing metrics that matter, and activate your content advocates. Every single person on this panel lives these challenges today and will be providing actionable insights and sharing their well-earned battle scars.

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