Michael Wright

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Michael Wright is the Managing Partner, Talent Acquisition at GroupM, WPP’s Media arm.

He lives in Brooklyn and works in the 3 World Trade Center, probably the best real estate on the planet.

A recent import to the US, he spent most of the 000’s in Asia, where he was formerly known as a “Yue Lao” (月下老人) or “Old Man of the Moonlight” – a legendary match-maker and fate-weaver from the legends of the Tang Dynasty.

Michael has been a regular speaker on the global talent acquisition circuit, with experience at HR Tech EU and US, as well as Sourcing Summit Asia. Michael firmly believes that if he spends enough time around talented people, he’ll eventually become talented himself.


Michael Wright’s Session(s)

11:15 a.m. —

Making Career Sites Work Better for People

Imagine a future where career sites go beyond transactional to transformative by delivering actual value.  In this session, Michael will explore four key ideas that impact the core purpose of a career site and how you can maximize the utility of your company’s site.  He’ll share tips and tools to help you start putting your intelligence and imagination to work in service of making career sites work better for people!

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